Declaration of recognition of citizen A.G. Lukashenko as a terrorist

We, representatives of political parties, organizations, movements and initiatives, representing citizens of the Republic of Belarus, a co-founder of the United Nations, participants in the “Forum of Democratic Forces of Belarus”, representing the people of Belarus, on the basis of the existing facts of crimes against civilians of the Republic of Belarus, systematic and growing violations of human rights, a growing threat to international security, complicity in aggression against the independent and sovereign state of Ukraine, and also, on the basis of blackmailing the use of weapons of mass destruction against European states, we consider it necessary to adopt a declaration, according to which citizen Lukashenko A.G. is recognized as an international terrorist, and his regime as a terrorist organization.

Arguments in favor of the adoption of the declaration:

  1. Actions of the Lukashenka regime, including the creation of a police state: intimidation, surveillance, banning of mass events, torture, destruction of independent media, mass arrests, false accusations and show trials;
  2. Military exercises and multiple false statements aimed at disinformation and cover-up of the impending military attack on the independent state of Ukraine, as well as territorial, material and technical support for the actions of the aggressor represented by Russia and its private military companies in order to undermine the sovereignty of the state of Ukraine;
  3. Cancellation of the rights of citizens, under the pretext of combating terrorism;
  4. Capture of a foreign aircraft;
  5. Disinformation campaigns by the regime aimed at destabilizing another state. Creation of a migration crisis on the borders of Lithuania and Poland;
  6. Murder of their political opponents, independent journalists, including on the territory of independent states;
  7. Constant attempts to get nuclear weapons at their disposal, and blackmail by the use of weapons of mass destruction against independent states.

The described criteria not only fully correspond to the characteristics of state terrorism according to the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism of March 21, 1987, but also warn us of the consequences that may await the world if the UN member states, and above all we, as representatives of the co-founding state, do not take timely steps on the appropriate designation of such a regime, with subsequent actions aimed at limiting its capabilities.

Based on this, we:

  1. We recognize Lukashenka Alexander Grigoryevich as an international terrorist, and all those involved in the above crimes as members of a terrorist organization;
  2. We call on the governments of civilized states and international institutions to follow the example of the participants in the democratic movement in Belarus by officially recognizing the regime in Belarus as a terrorist one. Completely stop any negotiations or cooperation with him, as this would mean cooperation and / or sponsorship of terrorist activities;
  3. We call on the entire responsible world community to cooperate in developing solutions to counter Lukashenka's terrorist organization, as well as assisting in limiting its capabilities, up to complete elimination, as a clear, unpredictable and obvious threat to world security.

Accepted July 12, 2022