Report on the situation in Belarus

Click Here And Start TypingThe team of the Forum of Democratic Forces sent a report on the situation in Belarus to the deputies of the European Parliament, PACE and the European Commission. The materials provide an assessment of the current situation and point out problematic issues.

  1. To recommend to the European Commission, interested EU countries, MEPs, PACE to hold a strategic session on Belarus in order to develop priority measures to resolve the political crisis in Belarus. To prioritise the following issues:
    • Political transit in Belarus. Possible scenarios and actions.
    • Legal and political mechanisms for the release of political prisoners and the cessation of repression in Belarus.
    • Improving the effectiveness of support for the democratic community of Belarus, prevention of negative phenomena and increasing its capabilities.
    • The impact of sanctions on the situation in Belarus.
  2. To promote the formation of legitimate institutions of state power in the Republic of Belarus, as an important condition for the consolidation of Belarusian society and ensuring transformations in the transition period.
  3. Provide the necessary international resource and financial support for alternative elections, as opposed to holding "elections" according to the Russian scenario or the scenario of the Lukashenka regime. This will contribute to the formation of a legitimate democratic institution and the consolidation of all democratic forces around basic principles and values. It is this decision that can influence the scenario of political transition in Belarus in 2024.
  4. To support the democratic forces of Belarus, proceeding from the need for democratic transformations in Belarus. Abandon the practice of imposing on the democratic forces of Belarus unauthorized persons and structures that carry out anti-Belarusian and pro-Russian activities in fact. To form clear and transparent criteria that determine the circle of participants from the Belarusian side in cooperation with European and international institutions, so that there is no room for speculation on the topic of partisanship or discrimination.
  5. To create a working group of members of the European Parliament, PACE and national parliaments of the European Union countries to study the effectiveness of the use of funds from the budget of the European Union allocated to support the democratic community of Belarus in the period from 2020.
  6. To form transparent procedures for supporting independent Belarusian media, eliminating political bias and conditions for corruption in their activities. Expand support for independent Belarusian bloggers and journalists covering social and political issues in Belarus.
  7. Recommend that six state media outlets of Belarus be included in the EU sanctions list (ATN: News of Belarus and the World; ONT TV channel; BelTA News Agency; CTVBY; The First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio; SB TV). To appeal to Alphabet Inc. with a request to limit the distribution of video materials of the state media of Belarus, spreading war propaganda and inciting hostility in Belarusian society.
  8. To recommend the European Commission and the EU governments to take decisions on the recognition as valid of passports of Belarusian citizens seeking political asylum whose passports have expired or have been declared invalid.
  9. Taking into account the ban imposed by the Lukashenka regime on the issuance of identity cards to citizens of Belarus abroad, as well as the possibility of the consul seizing any documents when visiting diplomatic or consular offices, to facilitate the procedure and reduce the time for issuing travel documents, national passports and residence permits, as well as other documents confirming the identity and legality of stay in the territory of these countries,  for citizens of Belarus. At the same time, special attention should be paid to children born outside the Republic of Belarus, who are deprived of the right to receive documents confirming their identity.
  10. To put into effect an ultimatum against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko to suspend cargo transit with the EU countries in exchange for an end to repression, the release of political prisoners, the withdrawal of Russian and illegal armed groups from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the renunciation of nuclear weapons and the cessation of the flow of illegal migrants.
  11. Adjust the procedure for imposing and applying economic sanctions, taking into account the mechanisms developed by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko to circumvent them using forged documents, intermediary firms in third countries.
  12. To declare citizen A.G. Lukashenko a terrorist, and his regime a terrorist organization in accordance with the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism of March 21, 1987.
  13. To initiate a criminal case on the territory of the EU against citizen A.G. Lukashenko and other persons involved in crimes under the article "genocide and unleashing a war against Ukraine".
  14. To recommend to the diplomatic missions of the EU countries, as well as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, responsible for working with the Republic of Belarus, as well as representative offices of foreign foundations helping the democratic community in Belarus, to change the geographical location of their missions in order to avoid a politically biased approach to various political forces in Belarus in connection with their current deployment.